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3 News Channels Supported by Donald Trump

3 News Channels Supported by Donald Trump

In Liberal America, it can be difficult to get news from a reliable reporting agency or channel. With the mainstream media being replete with fake news and baseless allegations, it can be hard for a regular republican Donald Trump supporter to know where to get their news from. We’ve put together some news agencies that Donald Trump himself recommends.

Fox News

Anyone who was even a little politically active during Trump’s presidential tenure knows for a fact that President Trump watched Fox News. In fact, even the news anchors at Fox News knew that the President was watching. Talk about pressure! But what this does is it gives Fox News credibility in their news reporting. Any good Trump supporter knows how hard it is for any large news network to report things truthfully and not be backed by liberal media giants. Fox has managed to tread this line and, despite its size, has been able to share true information truthfully. Trump has openly admitted to watching Fox News, and urges his supporters to do the same. This is a good example of a news agency being reliable.

Newsmax TV

This news agency has gotten more limelight since the more recent election occurred. President Trump gave a glowing review of the reliability of Newsmax TV and urged his viewers to move to this channel for information. In fact, it managed to get enough viewers through the comments of Trump that they are now in line with Fox News as a competitor. This just goes to show the influence Donald Trump has and how much the American people trust him and need a reliable news source.

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One America News Network

The One America News Network is a conservative news agency that prides itself on having a republican perspective on news stories and being one of the greatest supporters of President Trump. Around the same time as Newsmax TV, President Trump gave a glowing review of One America News Network and has urged viewers to watch it.

One of the biggest things to come out of this news network is Tomi Lahren’s show, who is a big Trump supporter and someone not afraid to stick it to big-time democratic leaders with her probing questions.

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Newsmax TV was also one of the few news agencies that bothered to shed light on the voter fraud incidents. However, liberal mainstream media did manage to push ahead of that. You can rely on this news agency as one that President Trump watches and trusts in the coming years.