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3 Reasons to Be A Proud Trump Supporter

3 Reasons to Be A Proud Trump Supporter

It’s unfortunate how the 2020 election turned out. The Democrats were able to beat Trump in the election, even though many people claimed and still believe that there were issues with the vote counts. However, Pro Trump voters have a lot to be proud of, despite the result, and here’s a few reasons why.

Trump Fought Abortion

One of the biggest reasons anyone should be supporting Trump is because of his stance on abortion. While a woman should have autonomy over her body, killing children is wrong, plain and simple. Trump has actually been able to curb the epidemic of abortions quite a bit by refusing to let funding pass on to those projects and medical organizations that are in favor of killing babies.

We fear that under democratic reign, abortions will once again begin to climb and Biden will be forcing more abortions than ever before. Trump has been the strongest conservative opponent to this epidemic and his efforts in putting a stop to it is something worth being proud of.

Trump Supports Good Morals

Donald Trump is a proud Christian and a stout believer in the message of Jesus Christ. On top of that, he is a family man who holds his kids in high regard as any good American man should. While we aren’t saying that only Christians can support Donald Trump, we do think that he is guided by the message of peace and love that Jesus Christ shared with the world and that message can benefit any person regardless of what religion they follow.

The same can’t be said for Democrat leaders, such as Biden who quite openly supports normalizing morally corrupt acts. In a world that is getting more corrupt and immoral, a leader like Trump can give us hope for a better tomorrow.

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Economic Focus

Trump is also a proper capitalist, unlike a lot of people that he ran against last year. Every American who’s been alive at the time when Russia was the USSR knows fully well how dangerous communism can be for a country. In fact, even younger people should be aware of the dangers of socialism and communism by looking at a country like Venezuela. Trump didn’t let America follow suit and stood for a system that rewarded hard work and effort, rather than one that gives things away for free and eventually topples the country due to bad management and resources running out.

With opponents like Bernie Sanders, and Biden who is basically in Bernie’s camp, we are worried about the future of where America can go at this point.

Hopefully, in the near future Trump will be able to reclaim the White House. He is expected to stand in the 2024 elections and will most likely win it too. You can show your support for Trump by getting one of our Trump 2024 sweatshirts. At Sweat Trump, we have a number of different options for pro Trump clothing. We believe it’s never too early to show your support. Get in touch to get your Trump shirts.