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Key Moments During Donald Trump’s Presidency

Key Moments During Donald Trump’s Presidency

President Trump's tenure has been exemplary of why he’s such a great president and why he definitely deserved the win. He showed time and time again that on both the local and international level, he could strong-arm his opponents and strengthen America and the GOP with his policies and actions. In preparation for Trump 2024, we’ve put together some of the biggest wins from his presidency.

Visit to North Korea and Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a line of him being able to do things and go places where no other leader could go before. President Trump made history and showed just how great a visionary he can be when he became the first American President to visit North Korea and meet with their leader, Kim Jong Un!

President Trump already laid out a route to success for this visit through a meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong Un a year before the visit. Unlike any other president before him, Trump recognized that the best way to deal with any threat is to tackle it head on and not let a million other problems fester due to presidential inactivity. Trump managed to bring North Korea down to talking about denuclearization in this landmark visit. Not only was this a win for America, but it also required nothing to be given away as Trump didn’t even remove any sanctions and got Kim Jong Un to start a denuclearization process.

The Death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Tehran

Another major win was the show of strength through Trump’s call for a military strike to take out an active threat to the American way of life; Iran’s top General Qasem Soleimani. This step was taken when intel reached President Trump about the dangers to U.S. personnel from Soleimani's planned actions.

The commander was plotting sinister attacks on members of the American military, American diplomats and peacekeepers. To protect our people, President Trump’s took action and sent out a drone attack to take out the leader of an alleged terrorist group, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force. To really drive the point home about how other countries can’t mess with U.S. personnel, President Trump also imposed sanctions on Iran. These sanctions will also be useful later in presenting a more pro-US nuclear deal with Iran.

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Amy Coney Barrett Becomes Supreme Court Judge

Back on local levels, President Trump has quite a few big wins within the country as well. One of the biggest wins is the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barret in place of the retired liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This change has balanced things in favor of the Republican party in the supreme court. It will ensure that regardless of who has the presidential seat, the supreme court will be well represented with a smart and capable conservative-minded judge for the future.

These are just some of the many major wins that President Trump was able to achieve. We fully believe that Trump 2024 will be on its way, and for that, we have prepared pro-Trump clothing in our Sweat Trump store to show support! You can contact our team and place an order for your Trump shirts and apparel.