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The Many Things Trump Got Right During His Presidency

The Many Things Trump Got Right During His Presidency

Mainstream media will have you believe that Trump has never done anything that actually benefitted the United States. This is obviously untrue, as millions have supported him for the great work that he’s done, even if it didn’t receive the mainstream coverage it deserved. In preparation for Trump 2024, we are going over some of the many things Trump did really well during his presidency.

The Middle East Situation

The situation in the Middle East has been a thorn in the side of US presidents for ages. Every country involved seems to have had multiple problems with each other and it was hard to tell who supported who or what.

Trump managed to do what Obama couldn’t: bringing actual rest to the most volatile part of the Middle East, Israel and Palestine. The Israel and Palestine conflict has been around for decades and seemed to keep getting worse regardless of what solution was put forward. The region has calmed down due to his policies that focused on economics rather than statehood discussions. You can see immediate changes in Middle Eastern attitudes now that Trump is gone. Skirmishes between the Israeli people and Palestinians have once again started in the Biden era.

5G Race with China

Trump promised over and over that he wouldn’t let China beat us, and he has managed to live up to that promise, most prominently in the tech sector. The 5G blow to China from the USA was extremely strong and managed to put us ahead in the world of online communication and information sharing. Unlike other presidents before him, Trump wasn’t open to outsourcing our technological capabilities to China for profit. He stuck to American-made tech for 5G towers, which has been able to hold off Chinese technology being involved in the latest and fastest method of online information sharing, making sure that Chinese surveillance isn’t a worry that future generations using the internet have to keep worrying about.

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Generic Medication More Easily Available

Regardless of what liberal media and politicians will have you believe, Trump was able to make a huge difference to the healthcare world by making it much easier for the average working man and woman to get their medication. From 2016 to 2019, over 100 different expensive brand name medications have released generic name versions of the same medication that work just as effectively. This change didn’t come around due to a change of heart amongst these big pharmaceuticals, but rather legislation that was passed during this time frame that aimed to bring more generic versions of medication into the market. The generic versions are cheaper and make it possible for the working class individual to afford their medicine without breaking the bank.

Trump did a lot of good work in his tenure, and we believe he will be able to do more good work once he’s back in 2024. For that reason, Sweat Trump has created Trump 2024 sweatshirts to show our support. You can get the pro Trump shirts for sale from our online store. Simply get in touch and place the order for your Trump 2024 sweatshirt.