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What is Donald Trump Doing After His Presidency?

Donald Trump enjoying time with his family

Donald Trump is all set on starting his post-presidency career. He misses the corporate life and has therefore shifted focus towards the Trump Organization. However, his ties with the political world are far from over as Donald Trump remains a proud Republican. So let’s see what Trump is up to now and what his ambitions are for the party, the 2024 elections, and his company.

1. Help Republicans in the 2022 Midterm Elections

According to News Center Maine, Donald Trump met with political aides recently. This was to discuss how Republicans could gain control of the Senate and House in the midterm elections of 2022.

Although Trump is not happy with the Republicans who supported his impeachment, in a talk with Senator Lindsey Graham, he said he wanted to ‘rebuild the Republican Party’ and showed excitement for 2022. This is great news for conservatives and Trump supporters who’ve placed their hope in the former US president.

2. Investing in Overseas Business Opportunities

Although Donald Trump is facing pressure from his company debts, new business opportunities have emerged overseas, which can really turn this around. The presidency has made Trump extremely famous outside the US and carried his name far to the East. The Indian Express has even pointed out chances of expansion into markets across Brazil, Turkey, India, and the Philippines.

Trump is on good terms with the authoritarian leaders in many parts of the world. During his administration, he was able to build good connections in the UAE by working on the Middle East conflict. The Trump Organization can benefit from these networks; Dubai’s DAMAC Properties recent partnership with Trump on a new project is proof of that.

3. Launching His Own Social Media Network

Being banned by Twitter did nothing to dampen Trump’s spirits. If anything, this got his creative juices flowing, and he has decided to come back with a bang by launching his own social media network in the near future. This, as Trump’s senior advisor Jason Miller, said, ‘is going to redefine the game’ and ‘will be the hottest ticket in social media’ soon.

Trump has already started meeting relevant parties regarding this venture, and we’re definitely eager to see what he comes up with.

4. Preparing for the 2024 Presidential Elections

By far, the most exciting news we have heard is Donald Trump teasing his presidency for 2024. Conservatives and MAGA supporters across the nation were thrilled upon hearing this, and many have already started planning for the campaign.

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