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Young Activists That Paved the Way for Trump’s Election

Young Activists That Paved the Way for Trump’s Election

A prevalent misconception a lot of people have is that young people are only going to vote democrat. This is as silly as assuming queer individuals or the black community will only be voting blue because they are a part of a certain group. As we’ve seen during Trump’s election result in 2016, people from all walks of life supported him because he always managed to speak to the people about their needs and what they wanted rather than democratic leaders who only care for their own select group of wealthy friends. As always, no group is a monolith.

We will be looking at some of the most prominent millennials who were supporting Trump during his 2016 election. These individuals will be relied upon to rally support during the Trump 2024 election run as well once the country realizes Biden was a bad choice.

Joey Gibson

Second amendment enthusiast and political activist Joey Gibson was in his early 30s when Trump won the election in 2016. Joey is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and started his organization called Patriot Prayer after watching the Trump Rally in San Jose in June 2016.

The aim is to liberate conservatives and creates platforms for Trump supporters to come together and voice their opinions on the current political discourses. The patriot prayer has used social media to find other like-minded youngsters and get them involved in political activism. Joey Gibson has been the leader of this group and has been vocal about threats to the country, including members of the violent left-wing group, antifa.

Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk is a very well-known radio show personality and founder of Turning Point USA, which has grown into an insanely large political group for republicans to get information. Since then, he founded the Turning Point USA group with his political partner in 2012 as a teenager and has been a very politically active youngster. At the age of 23, his milestones spoke for themselves when he was invited to speak at the republican national convention, and he put his support behind President Trump at that point.

Charlie Kirk has been an influence to republicans both younger and older than him and has been a great part of the efforts to speak the truth against mainstream liberal media for quite a while. Currently, he is 27 years old and continues his activism.

MAGA cap

Kaitlin Bennet

Kaitlin Bennet is a conservative social media personality who is only 25 but has made huge waves for her support for President Trump and her active support for gun rights and the second amendment. She has previously worked with Turning Point USA and is very well known for standing up to the University of Kent to support her right to arms.

These young millennials came up from the grassroots level and have created a supportive platform for what they believe in. You, too, can show your support by checking out the trump supporter shirts we offer at Sweat Trump’s online store. You can find pro-Trump sweatshirts and other shirts and apparel by contacting us to place an order.